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The Expendables 3


2D   2 Hrs 10min 


Fri august 15 7pm  930pm (2D)

Sat august 16 2pm 7pm 930pm (2D)

Sun august 17 2pm 7pm (2D)

Mon august 18 7pm (2D)

Tue august 19  7pm (2D)

Wed august 20 7pm (2D)

Thurs august 21 7pm (2D)

Guardians of the Galaxy

2D & 3D  PG-13

 2 Hr 10 Mins


Fri august 15,  7pm , 930pm 3D

Sat august 16, 2pm 7pm 930pm 2D 

Sun august 17, 2pm, 7pm 2D 

Mon august 18, 7pm 3D 

Tue august 19, 7pm  2D

Wed august 20,  7pm 2D 

Thurs august 21, 7pm 3D 

Teenage Muntant Ninja


PG-13  2D & 3D

1Hrs 50Min


Fri august 15, 7pm,9:15pm   3D

Sat august16, 2pm, 7pm,9:15pm  2D

Sun august 17, 2pm 7pm 2D

Mon august 18,  7pm 3D

Tue august 19,  7pm 2D

Wed august 20,7pm 2D

Thurs august 21, 7pm 3D

Coming August 22nd 

Into The Storm PG 13 1hr 40min