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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

PG 13

2D & 3D     2 Hrs 15min 


Fri July 18  7pm  945pm (3D)

Sat July 19 2pm 7pm 945pm (2D)

Sun July 20 2pm 7pm (2D)

Mon July 21 7pm (3D)

Tue July 22  7pm (2D)

Wed July 23  7pm (2D)

Thurs July 24  7pm (3D)

Planes : Fire & Rescue   PG

2D & 3D

  1 Hr 30 Mins


Fri July 18,  7pm , 900pm 3D

Sat July 19 2pm 7pm 900pm 2D 

Sun July 20, 2pm, 7pm 2D 

Mon July 21, 7pm 3D 

Tue July 22, 7pm  2D

Wed July 23,  7pm 2D 

Thurs July 24, 7pm 3D 


R ID Needed  2D

1Hrs 45Min


Fri July 18, 7pm, 915pm  2D

Sat July 19, 2pm, 7pm, 915pm 2D

Sun July 20,   2pm 7pm 2D

Mon July 21,  7pm 2D

Tue July 22,  7pm 2D

Wed July 23,7pm 2D

Thurs July 24, 7pm 2D